Safe Riding

Motorcycle Safety Checklist

Written by  June 30, 2004

The following are general recommendations and guidelines. For specific information, refer to your owner's manual or ask your dealer or a qualified mechanic.

__Make sure your headlights, taillights, turn signals, horn and brake lights are working properly.

__Check all fluid levels (fuel, oil, hydraulic, coolant) and make sure they are at the proper levels or adequate for the ride.

__Inspect for loose spokes, if applicable, wheel alignment and play, and your tires for wear and proper inflation.

__If your bike is chain driven, check it for proper tension. Rule of thumb is about 3/4 inch of free play.

__Make sure your side stand and center stand will remain in the up position while riding.

__Periodically inspect your engine area and frame for loose bolts and fasteners. Remember to tighten to manufacture specifications.

__Check your throttle for smooth travel and no sticking. Refer to your owner's manual if lubrication is required.

__Check your clutch and brake levers for smooth operation. Lubricate and adjust according to owner's manual specifications.

__Check your clutch, throttle, and brake cables (if applicable). Lubricate or replace as recommended.

__Check your front and rear brakes for proper operation, brake pads and shoes for proper thickness, and rotors and drums for smooth surfaces.

__Don't forget to check your battery for proper fluid levels and terminals for corrosion.

For more information on safe riding, visit the Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program (MMSP) web site.

By Mike Schweder