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Dawg's Barter Bike

Written by  April 30, 2011

I recently met Mike “Dawg” Bradley via mutual friends at our local hangout. He’s a junk man by pedigree as his father was before him. He described a project that he had been envisioning in his sleep, and that it was going to be a personal challenge for him to complete in “30 days.” Building bikes and cars has been a passion for him his entire life, but given the timeframe and the fact he was starting with “zero;” this was a daunting task. Mike disappeared for nearly a month, and when I started getting photos of his progress, I was amazed. The complete build took him only 27 days of working alone.

Mike’s so called “Barter Bike” was quickly taking shape. He initially traded a 2001 Chevy truck bed for the custom wheels and tires, a jet ski for the frame, a 1993 mustang for the motor, transmission and tins, and sold a rigid bike frame to complete the build. What Mike created in his backyard garage was incredible, as you can see from the photos. He personally designed, built, and painted this beauty himself….no credit cards here. Mike has $1,100 invested in this bike that is conservatively valued at 30k.

I recently talked “Dawg” into allowing me to take a few photos. He’s a very talented, yet humble bike builder, who certainly fits the image that Cycle Connections may like to promote.

Build Sheet:
- 2005 Custom Softail
- S&S 110 motor
- 6-speed transmission
- Custom wheels
- 200 rear tire
- 20” ape hangers w/forward controls

By Chip Wright