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2007 Suzuki Boulevard M109R Limited Edition

Written by  November 30, 2007

Since the beginning of the year I was eager to see what the motorcycle manufactures were producing in 2007 in order to remain in the top ten. I was also interested in finding out what bike would receive the bragging rights as Cycle World's 2007 Bike of the Year, which was awarded to the 2007 Suzuki Boulevard M109R.

When Bart Shifflett and Chris Thacker of Donnell’s Suzuki in Independence, Missouri called and asked me to stop by the shop and take a look at the latest Limited Edition (LE) model they had just received, I was soon on my way to see what all of the hype was about. While on my way there, I had a strong suspicion it may be time to do a bike review on Suzuki's new flagship M109R.

When I arrived at the dealership the LE was just coming out of the box and I was glowing as soon as I saw that beautiful metallic blue with white stripe. This brought back so many memories to the year 1985 when I was riding a blue and white Suzuki GS 1150E. I guess I have always been partial to that color, and figured if this new LE model was anything like the 2006 Suzuki Boulevard M109R I did a bike review on back in 2006, I may soon have this bike in my garage, which as it turns out, was the case!

The power plant of the Boulevard M109R is an all new 109-cubic-inch, liquid-cooled, 54-degree, V-twin power plant with double overhead cams, four valves per cylinder and seamless Suzuki electronic fuel injection with digital ignition.
This is an engine that was designed to produce high torque from the moment it leaves idle all the way until the rev limiter is engaged. The Boulevard M109R is the most powerful cruiser Suzuki has ever produced according to Suzuki Heavy Industries. The Boulevard M109R starts with a massive 112mm bore and a 90.5mm stroke featuring forged aluminum alloy pistons with short skirts and cut-away sides mated to chrome-molly-steel connecting rods, just like those found on the GSX-R1000. Piston rings are finished with race-proven chrome-nitride plating for reduced friction and optimum cylinder sealing. The massive, 112mm bore makes room for two 42mm intake valves and two 38mm exhaust valves set at an narrow 27-degree included angle in an efficient dual-spark plug, pent-roof combustion chamber design with a 10.5:1 compression ratio.

The M109R utilizes a unique, two-stage chain-driven cam-drive system based on the high-performance gear-driven system used on the TL1000R. This design keeps the cylinder heads more compact, reducing overall engine height and lowering the center of gravity. The cylinders are positioned in a 54-degree V angle to accommodate straighter downdraft intake ports and crankpins are offset to produce the perfect primary balance of a 90-degree V-twin while still maintaining the aggressive look of a narrow-angle V engine.

The motor is also rubber-mounted in six positions for minimal engine vibration.
Feeding the amazing 109-cubic-inch motor is a purpose-built version of the Suzuki Dual Throttle Valve (SDTV) fuel injection system perfected on the high-performance GSX-R line of sport bikes. The SDTV system uses a computer-operated secondary throttle valve in each throttle body to maintain ideal intake velocity and smooth throttle response in any condition. The M109R features a pair of single-injector 56mm throttle bodies with controlled by a powerful 32-bit CPU equipped ECM. The entire SDTV system works in conjunction with a three-piece air box with dual intakes and a massive 9.5 liters of internal volume. So when you twist the throttle I think your mind doesn’t even work that fast to compensate the change.

An innovative dry sump lubrication system called Suzuki Advanced Sump System (SASS) is designed to reduce overall engine height and allow the crankshaft to be positioned lower in the crankcase, lowering the center of gravity and making the motorcycle easier to lift of the side-stand. The dry sump lubrication system also utilizes a scraper plate that pulls oil off the crankshaft, while a jet directs a cooling stream of oil at the underside of each piston for maximum performance. A slick-shifting five-speed transmission directs power smoothly from the engine back through a low-maintenance and reliable shaft-drive system.

Nothing can match the sound of a big V-twin engine under acceleration and Suzuki engineers dedicated a serious amount of time and effort to find the perfect balance of performance and sound. The 2-into-1-into-2 chromed, stainless steel exhaust system features Suzuki’s digitally controlled Suzuki Exhaust Tuning (SET) system, which uses a butterfly valve to adjust the exhaust for optimum performance at all RPM ranges. The M109R also makes use of Suzuki’s proven PAIR system for reduced emissions. This system really sounds good at Idle and sounds even better the higher you rev this big Suzuki.

The Power and torque of this motorcycle is fantastic! However if you can’t get that power to the ground, then you have defeated the purpose of the build. The engineers had thought of that problem as well and built a chassis that would do all of the above and then some when they designed this bike. The M109R chassis is built to comfortably handle all the power and torque of the massive M109R V-twin power plant while also delivering agile handling and a comfortable riding position. Wheelbase measures in at 67.4 inches with 32 degrees of rake and 5.1 inches of trail for superior handling ride and comfort. Seat height is a low 27.6 inches, making it easier for the rider to reach the ground and the forward controls that are stock on this model.

The frame itself is made of high-tensile steel in a double-cradle layout designed for a perfect balance of comfort and handling. The cast-aluminum-alloy swing arm works with a progressive linkage and a preload adjustable single rear shock producing 4.66 inches of travel., inverted front forks with 46mm stanchion tubes and race-proven cartridge internals that deliver 5.12 inches of travel. When this bike is shipped to the dealer the rear mono shock is set at level 4 and it really handles the curves and bumps quite well! The only adjustment that I would make is stiffening up the rear so you can have a passenger on the back and not bottom out the suspension.

The front brake system is based on that of the AMA Super bike Championship-winning GSX-R1000 sport bike including the radial-mounted four-piston brake calipers and 310mm brake rotors for the ultimate in braking performance. Rear brakes consist of a dual-piston caliper and 275mm rear disc that stops the rear wheel quite nicely.

Spiral-spoke cast aluminum alloy wheels feature and aggressive design and measure 3.50 x 18 inches in front with a Dunlop 130/70/18 radial tire, while at the rear is a massively wide 8.50 x 18 inch rear wheel mated to the widest rear tire ever used on a Suzuki motorcycle: a radial Dunlop 240/40R/18 tire.
One look is all it takes to tell that the Boulevard M109R is not your typical cruiser. Its muscular, sleek look of high performance, aggressive styling and long, sleek flowing lines define a new generation of Suzuki cruising machines.

Aggressive, performance-oriented styling smoothly integrated with the sleek lines of a cruiser best defines the look of the M109R. From the GSX-R-inspired front fender to the purposeful front headlight housing all the way back through the long, low fuel tank and stylish rear fender, the M109R just looks cool and race ready, complemented by miles of mirror-like chrome over the entire motorcycle.

A wide, long fuel tank with an enormous 5.2 gallon capacity flows smoothly into a comfortable seat, integrated frame side covers and an incredibly stylish radiator cowl. Up front, a streamlined headlight cover houses a unique trapezoid-shaped multi-reflector H4 halogen headlight and a maintenance-free clear with red LED taillight is built into the tail section. Chrome dual slash-cut mufflers complete the look of the amazing M109R. Dual triangle air cleaner covers are mounted on each side of the engine with traditional, chrome-plated bullet-shaped front and rear turn signals are utilized front and rear.

Gauges consist of a tank-mounted analog checkerboard speedometer, LCD odometer, dual trip meters, fuel gauge and even a clock! Add to that a digital tachometer that is by far the coolest thing that I have seen mounted on a large chrome handlebar that runs horizontally and really impresses the people you are trying to show.

Rider Summary:
When it comes to the cruiser models the manufacturers have introduced in 2007, they all have excellent attributes, with some being fast, low, and sleek and others having bigger fatter tires and small fairings, and some may have a paint scheme you are attracted too! I have ridden almost all cruisers produced in 2007, and when it comes to all of the options this Boulevard comes standard with you may want to consider this line of Suzuki power cruisers. The Limited Edition model is unique in so many ways, and this may be the only item you will need to convince your significant other into letting you bring this beast home. MSRP on this model is only $13,900, and for a 1783cc motorcycle with this kind of cylinder head arrangement with dual spark plugs all of the way down to the shim type valve train, you are getting a lot of cool stuff for your money. This technology will be around for a while in Suzuki’s lineup and the old saying “Why fix it if isn’t broke” stands true when it comes to the VZR1800. The only thing I can say to Suzuki is please don't change a thing when it comes to the reliability of this power cruiser.

So make sure to stop by or call the guys at Donnell’s Suzuki in Independence, Missouri so they can show you their new lineup of Suzuki motorcycles and answer any questions you may have.

Special thanks to Bart, Chris and Tony for making this one of the best experience’s I have ever had test riding a true champion and bike of the year. Once you ride one you'll know what I am talking about.

By Dave Miller

Photos by Stripe