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KC-Creations KC-HotRods - Going out of Business

Written by  June 2, 2008

EDITORS NOTE: Below is an e-mail I received on Tuesday, June 3 from Cheryl Suter of KC-Creations KC-HotRods. We at Cycle Connections wish Kim, Cheryl, and their staff the best of luck on their new ventures. In preparation for their store closing, they are having a huge Going out of Business sale you won't want to miss. Please check out their website at www.kc-creations.com for additional information.

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

In 1995, Cheryl and I opened a small motorcycle shop in the back of a gas station. Over the last 13 years, our passion for building custom motorcycles, along with the world's passion for riding motorcycles grew and grew. We worked very hard to bring custom bikes into the mainstream and have loved doing so. Cheryl and I feel that our company has done a great job building a great product and truly appreciate the work our employees have done as well as the support from our colleagues and customers.

Over the past year, the poor economy has hit the nation hard, and with that the motorcycle industry. Financial outlets are not lending money for the purchase of motorcycles or are requiring almost perfect credit in order to do so. Fuel prices have risen to the point that patrons have to make hard decisions on where to spend their expendable income. People are afraid to make that luxury purchase that a year ago was in their plans.

We have seen many of our friends and peers have to leave the industry that they love so much due to these circumstances. With that said, it is with much thought and soul searching that we too have decided to close KC Creations. We plan to pursue other business interests that we have set aside for many years. Cheryl and I wanted to put this information out to you and the public ourselves to avoid any negative rumors. It is our hope that you, our friends and colleagues, will understand our decision and will stand by us as we go through this process.

Thank you for your support over the years. It's been a great ride.

Kim Suter