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Metric Revolution Season 2 - Las Vegas, Nevada

Written by  April 30, 2008

On Monday morning, March 17, after pouring a cup of coffee and firing up my laptop, I noticed that I'd received an e-mail from a company called Multi Media Marketing & Production, Inc. (M3Pro) . At first glance, I thought it was just another spam e-mail wanting me to buy some goofy product I had absolutely no interest in; however, as I scrolled down a bit, I noticed it was actually an e-mail promoting a 2 disc box set of the first season of the Metric Revolution TV show that first aired in March 2007 on ESPN2, which we had helped promote through our magazine. We'd also interviewed and published articles and photos featuring several of the Metric Revolution builders, such as Don Gray, Doug Keim, and Jaxon Fyffe, just to name a few.

Unless you were still living in the stone ages and don't have cable or satellite TV, you've probably watched at least a few episodes of this awesome motorcycle build-off reality series in which 22 of the Nation's top custom bike builders received a stock metric Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Triumph, or Yamaha motorcycle, and were given 180 days to transform their bike into a radical show-stopping work of art. Each episode followed the lives of each builder as they competed for the top spot in their class in an 'American Idol' type of elimination for fame, cash, and prizes. Builders were selected in three categories; cruisers, sportbike, and rookies, and featured several of today's most talented master bike builders, along with a group of rookie builders who were still somewhat 'wet behind the ears.' The first season was a huge hit, so if you missed the entire show or just a few episodes, you can still see the complete series on DVD, which is available on www.metrictv.com.

Since we already had a good working relationship with the folks at M3Pro, I shot a quick e-mail to Danielle Silverman, Executive Producer of the show, to see what was in store for Season 2, and to see what we could do to help promote their new series. Rather than receiving an e-mail reply, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a phone call from Danielle explaining their new and exciting concept for Season 2 Metric Revolution television series. Along with the ever popular custom motorcycles, the new series will also feature other popular motorsports such as drifting, stunting, the glove of death, super cross, motocross, off-road racing, along with some of the most exotic import cars in the world! How exciting!

But the most exciting part of our conversation, at least for me, was when Danielle invited me to join her and her film crew on Fremont Street in Las Vegas April 2-5 for the taping of the opening segments of the Season 2 TV series. Danielle told me the first two days of the TV show would be shot at RideNow Powersports, and because Fremont Street Experience President and CEO Jeff Victor and Director of Special Events Catherine Gripple, had been so great to work with, the final two days of the show would be filmed on Fremont Street, which was also the location for the final taping of Season 1. I told Danielle I wouldn't miss this opportunity for the world, so as soon as I hung up the phone, I booked a flight to Vegas and reserved a rental car, while Danielle had her Senior Project Manager Michele Scott booked a room for me at Binion's Gambling Hall & Hotel on Fremont Street.

Since my first priority was to get our April 2008 issue published, I decided to catch a late flight from KC to Vegas on Tuesday, April 1. I arrived in Vegas, got in my rental car and drove all the way to the end of the strip to my hotel. The next morning I got up and drove to RideNow Powersports, which was located just off Bolder Highway in southeast Las Vegas. When I arrived I was greeted by Danielle and Michele, along with the rest of her staff, Senior Account Executive Milton Campis and Creative Director Bo Asciu. I was also introduced to the host of the Metric Revolution TV show Kyle Woods, who is also the #1 Streetbike Freestyle rider and a professional Hollywood stunt man.
The first day of the shoot included a segment of the show called Project Revolution in which Kyle actually installs and shows the TV audience how to use several new and innovative products, such as a 50's Boy mechanical gas cap and Throttler that was installed on a Hyabusa. Kyle also had a lot of fun when it was time to model a pair of LDComfort™ Riding Shorts, and I found the Grip Ace from Ace Rip Industries, Inc very interesting, which is basically a motorcycle grip that contains an electronic module that allows you to maintain control of your motorcycle while activating the turn signals, headlights and accessories by pushing buttons that are conveniently build into the grip. Other items that were featured on the show were custom brake rotors and levers by CTS Moto, that were installed on a 2008 Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10.

Day two features several very nice Kuryakyn products that were installed on a Honda VTX1300 and a Yamaha Roadstar. After the day's shooting, we were treated to a stunt show on the street next to the dealership by professional stunt riders Bill Duncan and Derrick 'D-Mann' Daigle.
Fellow Executive Producer Harry Lowell joined the team on day three, in which the filming took place on Fremont Street. That morning, hosts Kyle Woods and Sabina interviewed Fremont Street Experience President and CEO Jeff Victor along with Cory Sappington, owner of Desert Toyz, who had several very cool Rhino Off-road Industries (ROI) RTV® Rough Terrain Vehicles displayed in front of the Four Queens Hotel & Casino. Next on the agenda was an interview with 'Fireball Tim' Lawrence, who is the movie car design master whose radical automobiles has been featured in over 50 films and 300 commercials. A side street connecting with Fremont Street was blocked off so Bill Dixon, his girlfriend and fellow stunt passenger Destiny, and D-Mann could put on a stunt show like you've never seen. Bill, Destiny, D-Mann, and Kyle tirelessly put on three show each day to the amazement of the Vegas crowd. Following each performance they would sign autographs, along with all of the other celebrities whose vehicles were displayed on Fremont Street. James Callahan with Callahan Custom Choppers had several of his custom bikes on displayed in front of several of the hotels up and down Fremont Street and was interviewed by Kyle and Sabina.

Later that day, as the sun set on the Vegas Strip, everyone made their way to the globe of death where Bela Tabak and his team of Riders of the Thunderdome put on a terrific show. They even talked Kyle and Sabina into standing in the center of the large metal globe while three riders circled them. Pretty brave guys, but from the look on Sabina's face I'm not sure if she'd be willing to get back in for an encore performance. After the globe of death show it was time for the Fremont Street Experience light show to take over, and one of the special presentations of the night was a special promo that Bo Asciu put together to help promote the Season 2 Metric Revolution TV show. Very impressive!
Three more stunt shows on Sunday wrapped up the filming for this particular segment of Season 2, and everyone began preparing to head home. I want to thank Danielle and her entire team for inviting me to join them on set for the taping of their TV show and I'm really looking forward to working closely with them to help make Metric Revolution Season 2 another huge success!

By Mike Schweder
Photos by Mike Schweder and Bo Asciu with BADWERKS.com.