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An Interview With Keino

Written by  September 30, 2006

The motorcycle community lost a legend when Indian Larry died. Thanks to the efforts of Keino and Paul Cox, all that Larry was has not been lost. After working for years side by side with Larry, Keino and Paul Cox carry on as Indian Larry Legacy. The bikes have the same flavor but with touches that are truly something more. Keino is soft spoken but was a very enjoyable interview. He is definitely a 180-degree departure from most builders.

CC: How was 2005 for Indian Larry Legacy?
Keino: Over all it was all good. We had the street promotional bike and there was tremendous feedback. A lot of people loved it. It’s going good. We have a lot of parts going.

CC: Does it seem amazing to you that Larry seems to be more popular now after his death than he was before?
Keino: He definitely is more popular than before. It’s going to keep going.

CC: Are things still fun for you and Paul? Do you have fun working together?
Keino: Yes, every day.

CC: Do you have any new hot bikes you’re building in your shop right now?
Keino: We have a bunch of them. Each bike has a different character to it. That’s what we do. We don’t build the same bike over and over. Each bike has the same style, same feel, same vibe, but it’s still has character to it.

CC: Have you noticed any trends in the bikes in the shows now? There are four or five bikes out here right now that look like something that would have come out of Gasoline Alley.
Keino: It’s not Gasoline Alley anymore. Yeah, sure. Probably after the Discovery Biker Build-Off show, the old school style came back into the market, and it definitely gives this whole industry variation, more character to the industry.

CC: Are you and Paul going to be doing any build-Offs in the future now with Larry gone?
Keino: As for TV, we’re not doing any TV shows; we’re just going to focus on parts and build.

CC: Do you think that the custom motorcycle craze is slowing down any at all?
Keino: People say that, but I don’t know…. I don’t think it’s going to slow down. Maybe in five or ten years.

By Loney and
Stephanie Wilcoxson