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Jaxon Fyffe – The Young Gun

Written by  May 31, 2006

Jaxon Fyffe—remember that name. You’ll be hearing a lot more about him in the future. It was a great pleasure to meet this young builder. Jaxon came all the way from Texas to Kansas City as one of the invited winners from a previous show on the Easyriders V-Twin Invitational Bike Show Tour. While many things from the Lone Star State are reputed to be bigger and better, Jaxon’s ego is not on that list. He has the refreshing easygoing attitude of somebody who does not realize how close they are to the brass ring. He approaches other builders with a wide-eyed innocence, not knowing he truly belongs in their ranks. Anamorphic, the build that put Jaxon’s Wild Card Customs on the map, won the prestigious Rat’s Hole Bike Show in Daytona last fall. Of all the builders at this year’s Easyriders show, Jaxon was the only builder to hold those bragging rights.

Jaxon has also been selecteed as one of the cruiser builders for the television series Metric Revolution airing this fall. Be sure to check out the Metric Revolution web site at www.metrictv.com for updates on his progress. You can also find out more about Jaxon on his web site at www.wildcardcustoms.com.

Stephanie and I enjoyed hanging out with Jaxon and Edy and I believe he is the next Roland Sands or Jesse Rooke, and I want you to remember I said so.

CC: Jaxon, how long have you been building metric customs?
Jaxon: About three years.

CC: Why did you enter Metric Revolution in the first place?
Jaxon: Its kinda funny…I didn't. I’ve been told that all my customers from around the world wrote in to this 'web site' and told them about us, Wild Card Customs! The rest is history I guess!

CC: Out of your competitors that you will be facing in the competition, who do you think will give you the most competition?
Jaxon: I’m going to say all the builders. Come on…I would like to think that the reason we’re on this show is because they (Metric TV) have picked some of the best builders in the country. Also ALL the builders have gotten recognized in some way or another. In my opinion it would be foolish to sit here and say that only one or two people have a chance. We’re all great builders in our own ways; someone might just pop out and surprise everyone! Who knows who that might be?

CC: What special obstacles do you have to overcome when building a metric custom as opposed to a V-Twin based unit?
Jaxon: That's a good question; our business is about 90% metric and 10% Harley based. I cut my teeth on the sophistication of the metric bikes. There is much more engineering and thought put into the workings and engineering with the metrics. Everything from the thought of drive, to some weird, crazy electrical processes... When compared to a Harley build like our Daytona Rats Hole winner Anamorphic, the Harley is a walk in the park. The engineering, the wiring, the plumbing of a Harley is EASY! So with a metric (depending on the build) you must think 50 steps ahead and have everything 99% worked out. The tolerances are very tight and they have a lot more sophistication with different loads, different drive units, many different computer issues, etc., much different from a Harley base. I really like all motorcycles and I don't think differently between metric and Harley. I like both groups of riders, and both types of bikes are totally different. But I will have to say this: For the most part, metric bikes are like a motorcycle that NASA has gone over with a fine tooth comb. With a Harley, the sophistication is like the troops from World War II went over with a fine tooth comb. Both of the different bikes I love for some reasons and both I dislike for some reasons. They both have their own pros and cons. The most important thing to me is building custom bikes and parts for both groups to the best of my ability and giving the customers what they want.

CC: What is it about your skills, in your opinion, that helped you be chosen from the list of applicants who applied to be builders on the Metric Revolution series?
Jaxon: Let me first say that I’m lucky, but it was probably the newest bike Anamorphic. Not many people know the definition of Anamorphic so it’s better known as the Daytona Rats Hole winner. I have to tell a quick story. For several years I’ve gotten calls from around the world with people asking a million questions about 'Can you do this?' 'Can you build this?” 'Have you ever built your own gas tank?” 'Have you built a bike from a ground up?' Etc., etc. When you get these calls every day for several years I just about had it because at the time I had built all these things that customers were asking about, but all the work might not have been all in one bike, or as 'famous' as the Anamorphic bike has become. So, I built this bike to show what I could build. I built this bike way before TV, before mag's, really before anything. I was just about done with the bikes when the producers called me to see if this might be something I would be interested in. I had to still qualify for the show and I sent them the picture of the raw bike in steel. I guess the rest is history. This is the first Harley-based bike I have ever built. In fact, this was the first bike that every part was Wild Card Customs but the wheels, motor, suspension. This was number 1 out of WCC as a full package. As I’ve said, we took it to Daytona and won that, then several invitational Easyriders shows and have done very well there as well. The bike will be featured in Easyriders Magazine in the up-and-coming months.

CC: Do you have an existing parts line now for a retail market?
Jaxon: That's a yes and no question. We do have a parts line, but 99% of our parts are handmade for each customer that wants 'their' custom part. We like to cater to the customer who can’t get the part they want or they want something different from all their friends. So yes, we do have many parts that WCC builds but they for the most part are all custom-made for each customer. When a customer gets their new custom bike or part from Wild Card Customs it’s their custom part that (probably) no one else has in the country. Whether it’s a custom Harley we build, a custom metric we build, or a custom part, you can pull up and no one has what they are about to look at! I think with a strong understanding of GREAT customer service and AWESOME one-off bikes and parts we have been moving up quickly in this fast-paced market.

CC: As far as a build, is there any particular metric bike that is your favorite platform to start with?
Jaxon: I would probably say the Road Star and the new Roadliner both built by Yamaha. These two bikes really have the very best of both worlds, that being both bikes are 'Harley-ish' and metric technology. For many customers these bikes have the size, weight, power, and performance that many customers feel comfortable spending some extra money on and making these bikes really 'custom' for them.

CC: What did you think of Doug Keim mentioning you as being one of the builders to beat?
JAXON: WOW, I gotta tell ya, I’m the new kid on the block with only a very few years of banging metal out. Doug has been a mover and shaker in this business for more than 20 years. I think any professional that's been in their profession for more than 20 years and looks at one person and thinks enough of me to say that this guy might be the one to beat, is a HUGE compliment!!! The first time I read the article I just about fell out of my chair. I have a lot of respect for Doug, and for him to say that about me was great. All I can say is I work very hard every day and I try my best. If I do well in this build-off I think that would be great. If I don't, then I have met a lot of great people in the industry and I will still be working seven days a week and doing the very best I can and doing what I LOVE! Thanks, Doug, for the props!

CC: Why did the Metric Revolution television show get pushed back?
Jaxon: Don't know.

CC: Can you build a bike to top what you did with Anamorphic?
Jaxon: Ha-ha-ha-ha…SURE...that was only my first bike. That was a bike JUST to see what I could do. I have some crazy ideas with many different bikes. The next 'bomb shell' will be this new TV bike. This bike is just 'WOW'... That's all I can say. I think that many people will really look at it and scratch their heads. What I love in this business more than anything is designing something, building it and then sitting back and watching people look at each other and say, 'I see it, but how the HELL?” I think this bike will have a few of those! This sounds kinda corny but I like to think outside the box. I hear this all the time and don't think too many builders REALLY look outside the box. I look at bikes like this—you need two tires and a motor–everything else is up to the builder. This is a good analogy: For me this is like telling someone to start walking…anywhere... Some people (builders) would walk to the end of the street and feel comfortable.... I want to walk to the North Pole... Is that too far away from comfortable? I can’t wait to build this bike and show my equals in the industry that I would like to stay at the top!

CC: Jaxon, thanks for the interview.
Jaxon: Thanks guys!

Interview and photos by Loney & Stephanie Wilcoxson:
Loney and
Stephanie Wilcoxson