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Reader's Choice - Best of Kansas City 2005 Opinion Poll Results

Written by  December 31, 2005

The results of the Cycle Connections Best of Kansas City 2005 reader’s opinion polls are in, and after making proper adjustments for those who “accidentally” voted more than once in a particular category, here’s how you rated Kansas City’s top three motorcycle related businesses, events and people.

Drumroll please…

Bike Night Location
1st Place – FUEL
2nd Place – Paddy O’Quigley’s
3rd Place – Frankie D's Mexican Restaurant

Charitable Event/Ride
1st Place – Bikers for Babies® - March of Dimes
2nd Place – Highway Hammers Tool Run - Habitat for Humanity
3rd Place – Run with the Leaves - TLC Learning Center

1st Place – KC Star Riders Chapter 227
2nd Place – Cycle Disciples M/C
3rd Place – Women in the Wind - Khrome Cowgirls of KC Chapter

1st Place – Scott Sharts – AutoBody on the Run
2nd Place – Chris Cofield – CC Custom Graphics
3rd Place (tie) – - Don Cooper – Coop’s Custom Paint
3rd Place (tie) – Scott Thomas – KC Creations

Rider Training Facility
1st Place – Rolling Wheels Training Center
2nd Place – Kansas City Kansas Community College
3rd Place (tie) – Rider’s Edge – Worth Harley-Davidson North
3rd Place (tie) – Maple Woods Community College

Best Bike Shop
1st Place – Hawg Wyld Cycles
2nd Place – Jack Miller American V-Twin
3rd Place (tie) – KC Creations
3rd Place (tie) – Motorcycle Works

Best Custom Bike Builder/Fabricator
1st Place – KC Creations - Kim Suter (Overland Park, KS)
2nd Place – Motorcycle Works
3rd Place – Hard Core Customs

Best Production Chopper Dealer
1st Place – Jack Miller American V-Twin
2nd Place – KC Creations
3rd Place – Hawg Wyld Cycles

Harley-Davidson Dealer
1st Place – Worth Harley-Davidson North
2nd Place – Gail's Harley-Davidson
3rd Place – Blue Springs Harley-Davidson

Best Honda Dealer
1st Place – Donnell's Motorcycles
2nd Place – Dell's Honda
3rd Place (tie) – Freedom Motorcycles
3rd Place (tie) – Shawnee Cycle Plaza

Best Kawasaki Dealer
1st Place – Shawnee Cycle Plaza
2nd Place – Liberty Cycle Center
3rd Place – Freedom Motorcycles

Best Suzuki Dealer
1st Place – Liberty Cycle Center
2nd Place (tie) - Donnell’s Motorcycles
2nd Place (tie) - Shawnee Cycle Plaza
3rd Place - Olathe Suzuki, Inc.

Best Yamaha Dealer
1st Place – Reno's Yamaha Aprilla KC
2nd Place - Liberty Cycle Center
3rd Place - Shrout's Powersports