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Independence Police Raid Kingpin Tattooing

Written by  June 29, 2005

On Thursday, July 21, 2005, Independence police raided Kingpin Tattooing at 3618 Noland Road, looking for drugs, firearms, ammunition, photographs, logs and 'other' items.

According to business owner John Monk, who has owned the tattoo shop for 13 years, they tore apart his shop and didn't find anything. He blames the raid on the fact that he is a member of the El Forastero motorcycle club, which police consider a 1% motorcycle gang.

Apparently, the police had a search warrant that was reviewed and approved by a judge and said this was part of an investigation that started more than a year ago and is continuing. A Special Response Team of eight officers was used because they considered the incident to be a 'high risk' operation.

After police secured the premises, code compliance officers were brought in and closed the facility because they claim to have discovered code violations.

We interviewed
John and his brother, Josh back in December of 2003 and I didn't see any drugs, firearms or ammunition while I was there. I did see photographs of some outstanding artwork and I think they may have had a log of their clients on the desk. I also saw lots of 'other' items as well, such as tattoo equipment, chairs, tables and various 'other' things that I wouldn't consider out of the ordinary.

I don't know about you, but if they didn't find any 'weapons of mass destruction' it sounds to me like the Independence police must be getting their 'intelligence' from the same source George Bush did before invading Iraq.

It also sounds a lot like the income tax evasion charge the Untouchables laid on Al Capone when they couldn't prove anything else against him.

Very interesting...

By Mike Schweder