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John Frala Celebration of Life Ride - Kansas City, Missouri

Written by  April 30, 2011

In Memory of
John Frala

On Sunday, April 10, myself and 50 other bikers rode in a “Celebration of Life” ride for John Frala, who passed away on March 10, 2011. I was first introduced to John several years ago, and I could not have met a nicer person.

We all left from the Tool Shed at 2:15 p.m., and rode to the RLDS Church Campus in Independence, Missouri where we met up with even more riders. We left RLDS at 2:45 p.m. and rode to the Jackson County Shriners Club where the Celebration of Life was held. It was sad, and also nice to see so many of John’s brothers there to remember him.

John was born in North Dakota in 1956, and spent most of his life in Missouri where he was a tool and die maker. He had a bike wreck in 2004 and lost part of one of his legs. He loved to ride so much, that after the accident, he built himself a trike so he could still ride. He also built a custom sidecar for a friend of his who was in a wheel chair so he could ride as well. This sidecar was designed so his friend could just roll up into the sidecar and lock it down. All the controls were on the sidecar so he could ride it by himself.

John left his wife Kathy and five children. John had one favorite saying “I have never met a stranger I didn’t know.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Also make sure to check out the article we published in our January 2006 issure about John and his trike conversion.

By Alan Fisher