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A Tribute to Liz Terry

Written by  December 31, 2005

I met Liz when I joined the K.C. Chapter of Women on Wheels. She was the first to introduce herself and made a point of making everyone feel welcome and part of the group. She was always eager to ride or volunteer. Her kindness, caring and “so easy to get along with” disposition will be greatly missed by her sisters in motorcycling, family and friends.

Goldie Arnold

The following tribute was submitted by Joyce Shook, Missouri State Ambassador, Show-Me-Riders Chapter of Women on Wheels.

Footprints In The Heart

"Most people walk in and out of your life. But only friends leave footprints in your heart." (Unknown)

When I saw this quote, I knew this was so true about Liz. Whether it was her family, the people she worked with, her neighbors, or her WOW friends, she left impressions on everyone she met and knew. She left footprints on our hearts.

I became acquainted with Liz eight years ago when she joined the Kansas City chapter of Women On Wheels®. It did not take much for Liz to become a friend. Liz had a "way about her." She always took time to ask me about Brandy. She was always worried about Jerry and if he was feeling okay. She was always worried that I was taking on too much and not enjoying life. We set and talked at length about our families, our work. She loved her family; she loved her friends.

Liz was a "take charge person." When I was looking for someone to print the state rally T-shirts, I called Liz to find out the name of the guy who printed the chapter T-shirts. Instead of Liz giving me his name, she told me I had enough to do that she would take care of the shirts. And, like everything Liz did, she did it well. We worked together on the T-shirts for four years. Whenever I tried to help with it, she'd always say, "Nope, you work, you have too much to do. I'm retired; it's easier for me to take care of." Since I knew it was a losing battle, I would turn the T-shirt orders over to her and I knew the job would get done on time and be done well.

If Liz was going on a ride and Jerry and I were leading a group, we'd make sure Liz was in our group in second position. She came over to me one day and remarked, "I know why you put me behind Jerry--so you can take care of me." I told her that was right. She always watched over us, the least we could do was watch over her.

I will never forget this most special lady. One who was a true friend. She never asked for anything. She always gave instead. In time, my tears will stop and I will smile whenever I think of Liz, because I know she would want it that way. Liz is no longer riding with us, but I know she is still riding. She is now riding with the best of them--Dot Robinson, Hazel Kolb, and many more.

Liz will always be there with me as she left "footprints in my heart."

Joyce A. Shook #4448
Missouri State Ambassador
Show-Me Riders Chapter