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Behind the Scenes with Rebekah

February 28, 2017
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Our March 2017 cover model is Rebekah from Kansas City, Missouri. She works in graphic design and business support, and her future ambitions include achieving financial freedom and living a debt-free existence. She also likes to pay good deeds forward, and wants to travel to every country on her bucking list. She’s also striving to raiser her child to impact people positively. Rebekah also told us her hobbies include “Boating, fishing, camping, canoeing, cooking, movies, dinner parties, singing karaoke, dancing, having fun with my son, board games, world travel, and good books.”

When it comes to turn-ons, Rebekah said "Humor, good old-fashioned values, deep thinkers, and “God Fearing” guys!” On the flipside, her main turnoffs are “Dishonesty, manipulation, and mind games.” She also admits that she's a sucker for “People that can make me laugh. Witty banter, sarcasm, nerds, being loved, and loving others.”

When asked what the smartest thing is she has ever done, Rebekah said “Following my gut instinct and intuition!” As far as the most stupid thing she's ever done, she said "Those few devastating times I actually didn’t follow my gut instinct and intuition." Rebekah describes her personality as "Sarcastic, humorous, witty, wise, loving, kind, spiritual, and smart." She’s also been told that her best attribute is her rear.

Also, make sure to check out the behind the scenes photos from our March 2017 cover shoot, as well as the specs and photos of this awesome 2014 Custom Chopper, which is owned by Andrew Lamming.

Just for fun, we asked Rebekah to share some of her favorite things with our readers:

Favorite food: Steak and seafood.

Favorite drink (non-alcoholic): Cream Soda

Favorite drink (alcoholic): White Wine

Favorite restaurant: Outback Steakhouse

Favorite movie: Office Space

Favorite band/artist: I love almost every genre of music. I really can’t pick a favorite. Music has always played a big part in my life. There’s too much talent out there to name just one!

Do you ride? Yes.

What is your most memorable riding experience? Scenic roads and sunsets.

What is your least memorable riding experience? I’d have to say the one where I fell off the back, because it hurt!

Which motorcycle rallies & events have you attended, and which is your favorite? Cycle Connections throws the best parties hands down!

What is your favorite bike night location? Kobe’s.

Do you have any tattoos? No, I’m a blank canvass!

Thank you Rebekah for doing such a great job on your cover shoot. You rock!

Interview by Mike Schweder

Photos by Dick Carlson with Carlson Digital Photography

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